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Polycraft | Why Polycraft

Why so many people are choosing Polycraft

The benefits of Polyethylene as a boat building material is well proven and documented, with Polycraft boats being manufactured over 20 years ago and still in service all around Australia. This demonstrates the longevity and low maintenance attributes of Polycraft boats in varied applications by recreational and commercial users.

Ask anyone who owns a Polycraft boat about their experience and they will emphasize the boats soft ride, trouble free boating and durability characteristics. The boats do what we say they will do, no showbiz or fancy marketing, just Aussie made boats for everyday boating. We believe in providing a quality product, that performs well, is easy to maintain, at an affordable price point. There’s a Polycraft model that will suit your needs, you just need to add water for instant fun and adventures.


Polyethylene innovation for smart worry-free boating.

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