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Polycraft | Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions so please explore the Frequently Asked Questions.

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1. Is Polycraft really in America?

  • Yes! We are excited to offer Polycraft boats for sale in the US and Canada.

2. Where can I buy Polycraft boats?

  • Please check out the Where to Buy page for a list of current dealers. Our main location with inventory is in New Jersey but we ship regularly to the lower 48 states.

3. What models will be available?

  • The Polycraft 300, 410 and 480 will be available for sale in the USA. Due to shipping complexities, the 530 Warrior and 599 Frontier models will be available as special order once a shipping method is figured out. At this moment, due to overwhelming demand, the factory is reporting minimum 12 months lead time for any special Polycraft order. Then please add at least 2 to 3 months for shipping from Australia. The 450 Drifter model will be replaced later this year and is not coming to the USA. The new redesigned model of the 450 will be coming to the USA in the near future.

4. When will I be able to buy a Polycraft?

  • Polycraft models are now available for purchase or order in the USA. Please click on the Order a Boat link to start the purchase process.

5. How much does each model cost?

  • Please click on Models & Pricing and scroll down to see the prices for all the different models and configuration options. Prices are subject to change. Please see a dealer for final pricing based on desired options.

6. How can I register my Polycraft?

  • Upon purchase, you will receive a new US Title for your Polycraft vessel. Simply take it to your local DMV to register your new Polycraft. All Polycraft vessels sold in the US will have a new US Hull Identification Number that is recognized by the US Coast Guard and all 50 States. Be sure to activate your Polycraft for warranty right here.

7. What is the Order process?

  • If you want a Polycraft boat, we strongly urge you to order one today. Once you choose your model on this site and submit the form, the selling dealer will contact you to discuss the options you would like and inform you of an ETA of delivery. Please note delivery charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. We will do our best to inform you all of applicable costs during the order process. Please email us directly with any questions you may have about ordering a Polycraft boat.

8. Where can I buy accessories?

  • We are developing an accessory line that will be available for purchase through your Polycraft dealer. Replacement Parts can be ordered here through our website.

9. What is your phone number?

  • You can now text us directly at 201-800-4770. If you want to chat, simply text us for a callback. Please remember we are on East Coast Time.

10. Are you accepting dealer applications?

  • If you are a licensed new boat dealer authorized to sell and rig Yamaha, Mercury, Tohatsu or Suzuki motors, we ask that you email us directly at We require that you carry other lines of boats (not kayaks) and directly authorized to sell and service outboard motors.

Was your question not answered? Please contact us and we will get right back to you.

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