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1. Is Polycraft really coming to America?

  • Yes! We are excited to offer Polycraft boats for sale in the US and Canada.

2. Where can I buy Polycraft boats?

  • Setting up dealers around such large countries as the USA and Canada takes a very long time. At this time, all shipments and orders will be processed through our dealer in New Jersey. All pre-orders of 300 Tuffy will be sold from New Jersey. The remaining models will be sold out of New Jersey for the remainder of 2020 and most probably 2021. You may pick-up the boat in New Jersey or coordinate shipping with the dealer. Please keep in mind that the prices on the Polycraft USA website is for the hull only. You can discuss complete boat packages with motor and trailer with the selling dealers. Additionally, waiting for a dealer in your state will not really save you money on shipping, Remember, the freight needs to travel to your dealer from the port resulting in a higher freight charge. So if you want a Polycraft, order it today from our New Jersey dealer.

3. What models will be available?

  • All models will be available for sale in the USA. The first model available will be the 300 Tuffy. The other models are all built to order due to so many configurations options available. The 410 Challenger, 450 Drifter and 480 Brumby are ready to be ordered and take 2 to 3 months to arrive to your door from time of deposit. Due to shipping logistics, the 530 Warrior and 599 Frontier models will be available by special order only. At this moment, due to overwhelming demand, the factory is reporting minimum 6 months lead time for any Polycraft order.

4. When will I be able to buy a Polycraft?

  • The 300 Tuffy models have already arrived to the US and are almost sold out. More inventory will arrive in the Fall 2020. We strongly urge you to order one to guarantee a build slot. The 410 Challenger will be available by late 2020. The 450 Drifter, 480 Brumby, 530 Warrior and 599 Frontier can be special ordered at any time. The lead time for these will be 4 to 6 months from time of order to delivery. Please contact us for more info on specific models.

5. How much will each model cost?

  • Please go through the Order process and you will see the prices for all the different models and configuration options. Please note the price is for the hull only. Motors, trailer, rigging, accessories, tax, title and freight are additional. Prices are subject to change.

6. How can I register my Polycraft?

  • Upon purchase, you will receive a new US Title for your Polycraft vessel. Simply take it to your local DMV to register your new Polycraft. All Polycraft vessels sold in the US will have a new US Hull Identification Number that is recognized by the US Coast Guard and all 50 States.

7. What is the Order process?

  • If you want a Polycraft boat, we strongly urge you to order one today. Once you choose your model on this site and submit the form, we will contact you to discuss the options you would like and inform you of an ETA of delivery. At this point, we will require a small deposit to guarantee your build slot. Once your vessel arrives at the port, we will contact you to setup delivery through our dealer network. At this time, all Polycraft models will be sold by our dealer in New Jersey through at least 2021. Please note delivery charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. We will do our best to inform you all of applicable costs during the order process. Please email us directly with any questions you may have about ordering a Polycraft boat.

8. Where can I buy accessories?

  • We are developing an accessory line that will be available for purchase through your Polycraft dealer.

9. What is your phone number?

  • Polycraft USA is the importer and distributor for America. At the moment, we do not have a call line setup for the general public. However, we strongly urge you to email us any question you may have and we will be glad to respond to you in a timely manner. Once the dealer list is updated, you will be able to contact the dealer closest to you by phone or email. Please allow up to 2 weeks for replies to any inquiry made to Polycraft USA.

10. Are you accepting dealer applications?

  • If you are a licensed new boat dealer with the authority to sell and rig Yamaha, Mercury, Evinrude or Suzuki motors, we ask that you email us directly at sales@polycraft.com.

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