300 Tuffy

The 300 Tuffy is the perfect tender boat for 3 people to comfortably get to shore or navigate the

local waterways. The Tuffy also doubles as a stand alone fishing vessel as it cruises in the shallowest waters. At 10' long and 5' wide, the 300 Tuffy is the tender of choice for many boaters and fisherman alike. Best of all, it only weighs 238 lbs.

Starting at $3,495 USD


410 Challenger

The Polycraft 410 Challenger is a durable and stable

cruiser with room for 4 adults. It's loaded with plenty

of standard options that will make for a fun day on

the water. Choose from several configuration options

to make it suitable for your needs. At 13.5' long and

6' wide, the 410 is a favorite among day fisherman.

The 410 is rated for a 50 HP outboard motor which

will really get you moving.

Starting at $9,995 USD

480 Brumby

The Polycraft 480 Brumby is the most popular choice for fisherman and families alike. Comfortably cruise with 6 people for a day on the bay or take your buddies out for a fun fishing trip. This 16' hull has a wide beam and is rated for up to a 90 HP outboard motor. The 480 Brumby has several configuration options making it the perfect boat for many different uses.

Starting at $29,995 USD